Posted On: February 12, 2020

Sciatica sounds like something out of a Dicken’s novel. The sentence would be: Old Fezziwig suffered from occasional bouts of Sciatica. The name is from the Victorian area and is the result of doctors identifying that the pain going down their patient’s leg was from Sciatic nerve irritation.

Physicians to this day still see a lot of patients with Sciatic pain. Technically the patient has to have pain going down the lower extremity and it has to be confirmed with a Sciatic nerve tension test like the straight leg raise.

Unlike the 1800’s we now recognize that Sciatic pain commonly comes from Sciatic nerve root irritation in the lumbosacral spine. There are typically two age groups that suffer with this, the young adult and the older adult.

Younger individuals with Sciatic pain usually have it as the result of nerve root irritation from a disc herniation and older adults irritate those same nerve roots from degenerative spinal stenosis.

Both types often respond well to physical therapy. If therapy isn’t helpful epidural injections help about 50% of the time. Sometimes surgery is the only option. They key with managing this condition is utilizing a skilled therapy team to properly diagnose and treat this condition.

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