Postsurgical Rehab
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Postsurgical Rehab

Postsurgical rehabilitation in Lake Forest & Highland Park

If you are about to have orthopedic surgery, there are steps you can take to recover more quickly and successfully. NSSSR can help you prepare by educating you about your surgery, increasing your range of motion, restoring your strength and decreasing your swelling, all of which can improve your postsurgical outcome. In some cases, we can even help you avoid surgery. But when surgery is your only option, our multidisciplinary team will help you get back on track.

Helping you recover more quickly after surgery

Your musculoskeletal system is critical to everything you do. Yet every year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer bone, muscle and joint injuries. Many require surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.

Clinical studies have shown that active, hands-on manual physical therapy is highly effective for reducing pain and restoring function quickly after an injury. We use proven, evidence-based protocols and today’s most advanced manual therapy, including soft-tissue mobilization, myofascial release and more. Our mission is to help you function at your best. We will educate you about your condition and give you the tools to help you heal and avoid future problems. Common postsurgical conditions we manage include:

  • Postsurgical rehabilitation for the lower extremities – ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy, joint replacement, hip and knee replacement
  • Postsurgical rehabilitation for upper extremities – rotator cuff repairs, decompression surgery & joint replacement
  • Postsurgical rehabilitation for spinal conditions – failed back surgery, discectomy, kyphoplasty

With two locations and flexible hours including Saturdays, we offer unparalleled convenience for patients. To learn how NSSSR can help you prepare for or recover from surgery and regain the strength, flexibility and range of motion you need to enjoy life once again, call us for an appointment.

Don’t live with pain any longer than necessary. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 847.432.4077 (Highland Park) or use our Request an Appointment form. We also welcome patients from Fort Sheridan, Deerfield and neighboring areas.

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