Dr. Johnson’s “Back” in School Tips

Posted On: September 10, 2013

The summer flew by, and I am happy to say that both of North Shore Spinal & Sports Rehabilitation Clinics helped a lot of people achieve their fitness goals.  It was good to see patients I haven’t seen in awhile come in and get help. From the snowbirds to the college kids it was really nice to see many of them.

Now that school is starting, parents need to be aware of all the postural strain their kids are facing. Backpacks, books, computers and seemingly endless hours of kids sitting in school or studying combine to cause a lot of spinal problems in children.

Parents can have a positive influence in helping their children survive school. I have compiled a list of ways parents can help their kids get through the postural strains of school.

The School Postural Survival List

  1. Encourage children to sit up with good posture by practicing good posture
  2. Make sure they have a proper fitting back pack and they use both straps
  3. Limit the load they take to and from school any way possible
  4. Have set study times with scheduled get up and move about breaks
  5. Make sure they have a properly set up computer station
  6. Limit videogame and cell phone use
  7. Encourage children to exercise in an upright fashion (elliptical, running and walking)
  8. Don’t ignore painful spinal symptoms – get them help with a spine care specialist
  9. Try and make sure they get enough sleep
  10. Encourage play

The list is not exhaustive but it is a good start. When children have postural spinal pain it is often easy to treat, but like anything it is better if it can be prevented. Our clinics in Highland Park and Lake Bluff specialize in helping children with spinal pain. If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to call.

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