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Posted On: June 29, 2013

Dear patient and/or friend,

This February I was to celebrate twenty-five years in private practice. Twenty-five years ago in 1988, I started Chiropractic of Lake Forest in the basement of the 222 Wisconsin building in Lake Forest. I was a young enthusiastic chiropractic physician, excited to start seeing patients as the first chiropractor to establish a practice in Lake Forest.

I met a lot of great people in those early years, many of whom are still patients today. One patient in particular helped me get established as a business. Mrs. Eileen Rosenberg took it upon herself, to help me to organize the business end of the practice. As it turns out I was a good clinician with very little understanding of how to bill health insurance. I thought I would deliver the service and simply give the patient a bill for my services. I new nothing of how to file a claim with health insurance, Eileen figured that out and help set office so as to bill insurance.

Soon the practice grew and I added more clinical staff. Over the years I have had so many good clinicians practice in my practice it has really been a privilege to practice with so many good practitioners including chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. My practice has always been one of cooperation amongst professions rather than competition amongst them.

Around 1990 it became apparent that we were more than just a chiropractic practice and we therefore expanded to become North Shore Spinal & Sports Rehabilitation to reflect more of what we were truly doing with our patients.

Peggy Pann joined the practice as the office manager around 1990 and the practice would never have been so successful had she not.� She formerly managed a cardiologist�s office and brought a wealth of experience and tremendous efficiency to the practice. Shortly thereafter Mary Brown became a member of the team and has been running the front desk for years.

In 2000 we expanded to two offices one in Highland Park and the other in Lake Bluff. These two offices have delivered high quality care to thousands of people. Our unique brand of exercises combined with hands on care has helped establish us as one of the premier practices to attend if you have a musculoskeletal problem. All of this has been very gratifying for me to witness as I started this all in a basement suite in a Lake Forest office building.

This last year after years of prosperity, I ran into my first real personal problem, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Me, a healthy non-smoking, non-chewing man who eats well and exercises. It turns out that I have a form of cancer that is related to being exposed to a virus in my twenties. The human papilloma virus (HPV) caused my cancer, so please get your children (boys and girls) vaccinated for this virus, so as to prevent them from going through what I currently going through.

This news is not all bad, with the form of cancer I have there is an 80% chance of beating it totally. I am being well cared for by a team at the University of

Chicago. The U of C specializes in the form of cancer that I have. I made it through their rigorous treatment regime of chemotherapy and combined chemo and radiation therapy with flying colors. Though I am now bald and have lost a lot of weight, I am doing well. �I have resumed some administrative duties and soon will start practicing again on a limited basis.

I learned a lot during this ordeal: the importance of family, friends, and a spiritual connection when it comes to one�s health.� That life is not work, but rather a life�s work is as important as the people you have helped. Words can not describe the love I have felt from patients who have contacted me, visited me, written me, hugged me and have prayed for me. Many of which have been around since the practice began in 1988. Thank you all for your love and prayers.

I am doing everything in my power to make a full recovery. I would like to be able to walk my three year old Eve down the aisle when she gets married, enjoy time with my wife and children and continue to practice helping as many people as I can.

To learn more about our practice visit us at www.northshorerehab.com. To schedule an appointment, please call our Lake Forest, Lake Bluff office at 847.295.0920, or our Highland Park office at 847.432.4077. 

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