An Early Christmas Gift

An Early Christmas Gift

Posted On: December 23, 2019

Two weeks ago I attended the North Shore School of Dance’s production of the Nutcracker. My daughter was in the performance and my parents came in to see her dance.

I had helped four of the dancer’s return to dance over the last year and I always get a kick out of seeing people I have helped perform.

It was a spectacular production and came off without a hitch except for the Rat King losing his tail during his initial dance. One of the other dancers shrewdly picked it up during the following sequence. As they say, the show must go on.

At the end the audience gave the production a standing ovation for the wonderful performance. After which I slipped out in the hall and waited to give my daughter flowers.

I ran into one of the dancers I had cared for and and gave my congratulations. The dancer turned to me and said, “I was able to dance, Doctor Johnson, thanks to you.” ¬†I smiled and said, “You’re more than welcome.”

Now I recognize that this dancers ability to dance was not only because of me. Yes I diagnosed the problem, ordered the MRI and set up a treatment plan, but my team of therapists guided him through that plan. Then the excellent team of ballet teachers intelligently integrated him back into dancing. I am grateful however, for the role I got to play.

I realized immediately that this was an early Christmas gift.


Merry Christmas

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