North Shore Spinal & Sports Rehabilitation�s Efforts to Train Interns

Posted On: March 19, 2012

At North Shore Spinal & Sports Rehabilitation we are committed to teaching young clinicians the best evidenced based approach to conservative spine and musculoskeletal care.

I am Dr. David A. Johnson and I hold a license as both a chiropractic physician and as a physical therapist. I am board certified in orthopedics and have spent my career practicing good evidence based musculoskeletal care as the Director and owner of North Shore Spinal & Sports Rehabilitation.

Over the years I have recognized the need to train my staff to deliver good care. Most practitioners graduate with good academic knowledge but very little practical experience regardless of the profession. I have made it my personal mission to develop young practitioners.

Many of the people that have practiced in my clinics have gone on to open successful clinics of their own. I typically get a sense of pride when I drive by one of the facilities where my former employees have opened their own businesses.

In the last couple of years we have formalized our approach by agreeing to be a clinical site to train physical therapy assistants and chiropractic physicians. This has allowed me to influence these young practitioners in a positive way.

The training we put them through is quite extensive. They learn soft tissue techniques for the spine and extremities. They are exposed to McKenzie based classifications of spinal pain. They are taught to differentiate between a case that needs extension verses one that needs a flexion based approach. They learn spinal stabilization progressions, rotator cuff progressions, scapula-thoracic progressions and closed chain progressions for the lower extremities.

Our clinics have electronic medical records so the interns learn how to use the computers and record notes to properly document care. Our interns are drilled in how to take vital signs and can do so whenever the need arises. They also learn how to interact with patients is a compassionate and caring fashion.

All of these lessons are wonderful, but I think the biggest lesson that our interns learn is how to work together with a team of professionals, whom all care enough to keep the patient first. This may seem like something that is very obvious, but as one who has seen the fighting amongst the physical therapy and chiropractic profession, I find this part about my clinic to be the most refreshing.

I know in my heart that after I have had two professionals work together on the same team, that neither one of those professionals will be able to look at the other profession in the same way. Prejudice and ignorance is less likely to exist in an individual who has had the opportunity to work side by side with his brother to achieve a common goal.

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