Head and Neck Pain - Postsurgical Rehabilitation, Neck Pain, Migraine Headaches in Lake Bluff and Highland Park, IL

Neck Pain & Headache

You don’t have to live with headache & neck pain

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from headaches. Headaches can be caused by problems in the cervical spine, muscle tension, vascular problems, drug interactions, bad posture and TMJ disorders. Types of headaches include migraine, cluster and tension. Tension headaches are the most common type. They can last for a few hours or for days on end.

Neck pain may be caused by sleeping incorrectly, postural stress, overexertion during activity, trauma from an automobile accident or sports injury or postsurgical problems. We help patients manage neck pain through a variety of advanced manual therapy techniques, exercise prescriptions, patient education and evidence-based physical therapy.

Accurate diagnosis is key

An accurate diagnosis is critical to the effective treatment of headache and neck pain. At NSSSR, our physical therapy and chiropractic team specializes in precise diagnosis and evidence-based treatment. We offer expert multidisciplinary solutions for:

  • Neck pain – Cervical postural strains, disc injuries, herniated disc, whiplash injuries, sports injuries
  • Headache – Tension, migraine, TMJ-related
  • Postsurgical rehabilitation – Cervical spinal fusions, disc replacement surgeries

With two locations and flexible hours including Saturdays, we offer unparalleled convenience for patients. To learn how NSSSR can help you overcome your neck pain and headaches to enjoy life once again, call us today!

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