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Effective rehabilitation for the most challenging injuries

Does your injury concern you enough to seek medical relief?  If you are seeking physical therapy or chiropractic services, we can help.  You don’t have to live with physical pain or dysfunction. Not when qualified care is so readily available from our expert rehabilitation team in Highland Park and Lake Bluff.  At NSSSR we give every patient, even those who have failed to find relief elsewhere, every opportunity to achieve powerful results. Even if you have suffered from a failed surgery, we can help relieve your pain and restore your activities through our orthopedic rehabiliation program which combines physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy .

David A. Johnson, DC, PT, DPT, and his team will give you a comprehensive exam, discuss your options, explain our approach and answer your questions. We listen to you and your desired outcome, and treat you one on one for an hour each visit.  We will support you throughout your rehabilitation and recovery. So whether you need intensive rehabilitation after an auto accident or hands-on care for a sports injury, you’ll find powerful treatment right here at NSSSR. That’s why we have become the preferred source for pain relief and rehabilitation in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Highland Park and the North Shore.


Effective rehabilitation for:


Sports injury care from experienced competitors

Many members of our professional staff have competed at high levels, so the rehabilitation of sports injuries is second nature to them. Our experience has helped everyone from casual athletes to professional competitors. In addition to effectively treating all kinds of sports injuries, we provide:

Individual exercise programs: Every patient has specific needs and goals, and our team of professionals will customize your exercise program to suit them.

Customized orthotics: Our team is trained in the biomechanics and fabrication of customized arch supports for athletic enhancement and the reduction of injuries.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 847.295.0920 (Lake Forest, Lake Bluff) or 847.432.4077 (Highland Park) or use our online Request an Appointment form. We also welcome patients from Glencoe and Deerfield, Illinois and neighboring areas.

Do you know what triggers your migraine? If not, have you ever tried keeping a diary and recording the times when you have these headaches? If migraines are recurring, it is best to make a note in your diary about the triggers and the severity of the pain. By keeping track of your triggers, you may be able to avoid, or at least anticipate, future instances of migraine.

There are at least five common triggers of migraines; the first one on this list is stress; it being the most common of all. While stress can't be helped, relaxation techniques can greatly alleviate your mental and emotional state. By focusing on slow, relaxed breathing, let the air inflate and deflate you like a balloon. Visual imagery is also a great complement to these breathing techniques. Think of beautiful and tranquil scenery while you inhale and exhale slowly.

Some people also report that their migraines are triggered by flickering lights or  fluorescent light. Other triggers include disrupting reflection from water or from staring at the TV screen for prolonged periods. To avoid migraines when heading outside, it is advisable to wear polarizing sunglasses. As for indoor lighting, daylight-spectrum fluorescent bulbs can help.

Do you often miss out on your meals at the right time? Are you getting enough rest every night? Lack of food and poor sleep are also known triggers of migraines. Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar, which can cause the headaches. And don't forget to get six to eight hours of sleep every night.

For women, migraines may occur a few days before or during their menstrual cycle. This is caused when the estrogen levels drop. Some women report that taking hormonal birth control pills or anti-inflammatory medications before the headaches begin can help.

Food is also a trigger of migraines. Cheese, soy sauce, chocolate, red wine, processed meats and those containing MSG are among the common culprits.