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Herbs are nature's remedies against most body aches. While conventional pharmaceuticals are readily available at pharmacies and drug stores, herbal pain relievers are very much preferred since they are without risk of addiction. Plus, they're good for you even if you take a lot of them.

So if you're feeling chills or having a hammering headache, David Hoffman of the California Institute of Integral Studies in Santa Rosa suggests you open your kitchen drawers and fix yourself up with these traditional herbal cures.

Turmeric: Put out the heartburn by including turmeric to spice up your diet. Turmeric is a key ingredient in curry. It helps prevent acid buildup by promoting the regular flow of digestive juices. If this doesn't work, try two capsules of turmeric to stop the acid burn.

Rosemary and Ginger: Rosemary tea can be good against headaches. Sipping a cup of rosemary tea can help dilate the blood vessels. Try drinking three cups each day. Ginger, on the other hand, helps prevent migraine. This herbal cure produces a substance known as thromboxane X2 that promotes blood flow.

Thyme: This antiseptic herb is a good remedy for respiratory disorders. Fix a cup of thyme tea to clear away sinus pain or pressure. Take a teaspoon of dried thyme in a cup of hot water. Throw in some honey for good measure.

Cloves: Stun a toothache by dropping a hint of oil of clove on it. Oil of clove is available in most health shops and drugstores.